Google Ads – what is it? How does it work?

Did you know that we spend more and more time on the Internet? It is estimated that it is even 6 hours a day! Therefore, when running a company, you need to be sure that you are there and you can see you well. How to do it? The answer is Google Ads.

What is Google Ads?

It is an advertising system created by Google, which displays sponsored links in the search engine, paid for by site owners.

How does Google Ads work?

Looking for something on the Internet, we enter a keyword or phrase in the search engine. We get a list of 10 results on the first page of the search engine. At the very top or on the right side of the screen there are sponsored links, marked with the word “advertisement”, which is included in the box. If we run a business and want to reach our regular or new clients, we should want our website to be as high as possible in the search engine results. Thanks to Google Ads, sites that are not high in search engine results can appear on the first page of search results.

Why invest in Google Ads advertising?

  • This is local and global advertising for your company on the Internet. It’s up to you to decide the reach of your ad and adjust it to your needs and financial possibilities. If your company only operates in a particular city or province, you determine the coverage for that region only. This allows you to achieve maximum results at relatively low cost.
  • Your advertisement goes directly to a potential customer. How does it work? The advertisement appears in search engine results after entering keywords or phrases. This makes you reach exactly your target group, people interested in your offer.
  • You only pay for the advertisement that has reached the client. More precisely, you only pay for the clicks on the sponsored link leading to your website. This makes you sure that you only pay for the advertisement that has been displayed by a potential customer. This makes better use of your funds.

The main advantages of Google Ads

High efficiency and relatively low price. It is up to you to decide what keywords and phrases you want to promote and how much you want to spend on the campaign.

You pay only for the effect! In the system of billing for a click you can be sure that the amount allocated for the advertisement will be charged only if the Internet user goes to your website by clicking on the sponsored link.

It allows you to reach users interested in your offer in a short time. Immediately after launching the AdWords campaign you can be sure that your website will appear on the first page of the search engine results, if only the Internet user enters the words or keywords promoted by you.

Advertising is ALWAYS on the first page in search engine results. Remember that only about 5% of users go to the next pages of the search engine.

Currently, the Google Ads advertising constitutes even 25% of the ads on the Internet. It’s a really powerful tool that gives great opportunities for effective marketing activities for your website and company.